Sanitizes, deodorizes and safe to use at:
Protects against:
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Algae
  • Fungi
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At Last!
There is a simple, effective, easy to use system to sanitize, deodorize and clean your business environment indoors and out!  AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is safe to use around plants and animals while protecting against viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold. Mixing chlorine bleach properly to clean large areas is time consuming, as well as dangerous if not mixed correctly! AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is up to 120 times more effective than chlorine bleach, and removes all the guess work and hazards of mixing. AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution does not generate offensive and harmful fumes as bleach does; and it will leave your work areas sanitized, deodorized and smelling fresh both indoors and out!

AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is a Must Have for any animal care professional to implement into their cleaning regime. Dog trainers and doggy day cares find it ideal to sanitize and deodorize outdoor spaces, play and training equipment.  Veterinarians, animal rescues and shelters will find it invaluable indoors and out, protecting those in their care from a multitude of viruses while staff and volunteers save valuable time and money cleaning kennels, floors and dog runs.  AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is ideal for indoor areas with drainage that are normally hosed down yet it doesn’t stop there!  For smaller kennels and areas that need to be wiped with a spray bottle or bucket and mop, simply spray some solution from your AQUAKLOR sprayer directly into a bucket and spray bottle, and your sanitizer is now premixed and ready to use for more indoor use!

City Hall in every town will find AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution essential and cost effective for uses at their community centres, swimming pools, playgrounds, schools, shelters, police stations, jails and sanitation departments. Child daycares can now sanitize indoors and out, helping children in their care stay safe and healthy while learning and playing  with shared toys and playground equipment. 

Do you have a business in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side?   AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing your front and back alley entrances!  Give a quick wash with Aquaklor, and within minutes your entrances will be deodorized and ready to start the business day offering a fresh and welcoming environment for your clients and staff.                                                     
 If it needs to be sanitized, deodorized and cleaned, AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution is the efficient way to tackle tough jobs!  Aquaklor works with warm and cold water, attaches to your hose, and when your job is done, simply drain and store the remaining caplet in the dry sprayer.  Your AQUAKLOR Ultimate Cleaning Solution System is now ready for use the next time you need to Disinfect, Deodorize and Clean your business environment.

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