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Why Group Hikes?
Group hikes are an ideal way to provide your dog with exercise and k9 socialization, both of which are essential key contributors to a healthy, happy and balanced dog. 
We are:
  • Licensed
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Canine First Aid Certified
  • Well Versed in Canine Body Language & Behaviour
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Owner Operated
  • Trusted & Established

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Group Hikes for Exercise & Socialization

 Excercise and socialization with dogs and humans alike are essential for any dog’s well-being.  Dogs are pack animals and they rely on their k9 and human pack members & leaders to teach them valuable k9  manners which they need when placed in any social situation.

A dog’s main form of communication is with energy and body language, and every position of his ears, tails, eyes, legs and entire body means something different.  Whether it be the classic play bow which means “Let’s Play!”, or the proper “How do you do?” butt sniff, our best friends have a universal language to communicate (as well as some breed specific and even dog specific communications). Dogs love to explore, get some exercise, play and leave messages for their canine counterparts along the way.   Group hikes are a great way for your best friend to learn and/or maintain k9 social skills as well as enjoying exercise that will help keep him fit and balanced.  Whether your dog is already social and loves to be the life of the party, is timid and can use some help interacting with other dogs; or simply needs a little boost in confidence or exercise, group hikes are a great way to help your dog be the best he can be.  See Spot Run!! Canine Services provides group hikes not only for exercise, but for k9 socialization, too.  This truly helps you provide Health and Happiness for your Best Friend!

Where we go for our Group Hikes

At See Spot Run!! Canine Services, our dogs are walked off leash on the North Shore for a full hour along the Lord Baden Powell Trail at Hyannis & Berkley.   The beautiful rain forest hike is a sensory explosion of scents and sights to explore, with lots of water to splash in and 5 other canine friends to play with!   Our group hike service includes Pick-up and Drop-off, and on wet days we will dry and clean him off with our towels before we drive him home.  Not only does your dog get to go for a great walk, chase sticks and play with their new friends, he will be exercised and relaxed upon your arrival home from your busy day.

Please note your dog will remain on leash until he has developed a relationship and a bond with Alessandro and will come on recall.

Service Areas Boundaries are:

Morning Walks Serving East Vancouver
North to Waterfront, East to Rupert St, South to Kingsway, West to Knight

Afternoon Walks Serving Burnaby:
North to Waterfront (Edinburgh St), East to Willingdon Ave, South to Kingsway, West to Boundary

Morning or Afternoon Walks Serving the North Shore:

Seymour Blvd., Riverside Drive, Berkley and surrounding neighborhood of Hyannis Point

Rates for group hikes are $22 + GST    Group hikes are available Monday thru Friday, excluding Stat Holidays.

  See Spot Run!! Canine Services is passionate about dog rescue, locally and abroad.

We have been supporting dog & cat rescue in Bosnia for years, and have created a GoFundMe for urgently needed veterinary, food, housing and transportation costs for the hundreds of rescued dogs and cats in Naida’s care at any given time.

Please read Naida and her dogs stories by clicking on the link below, and help by donating, sharing, or both!

Thank you for your generosity and compassion for dogs and cats who desperately need our help